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OpenOil: Doing the world some good with apps and spreadsheets

In a previous post, I explained the choices that one faces when deciding between the use of spreadsheets, databases or software applications to run some aspect of your business. In this post, I’ll discuss a concrete example of adapting a spreadsheet into an application. I’ll talk about the client’s business goals, the advantages derived from the application, and how spreadsheets and applications can actually compliment each other. The client The spark for this project was a visit from Johnny West of OpenOil.

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Maintaining an open access journal painlessly with Open Journal Systems

A lot of work goes into producing an academic journal. Such a publication carries articles from researchers and scholars which together represent the cutting edge in a field of human endeavour. Plenty of work goes into most similar types of publications too; magazines and newspapers all need careful copy editing, proof reading and type setting. There could be multiple contributors writing dozens of articles and they all need bringing together into a single publication.

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