team work

Thanks LibreOffice, we were happy to have you.

The weekend of the 23rd - 25th of June was a weekend some of us spent at the office. Not because we are trying to avoid doing the dishes at home, but because we had guests. Endocode hosted the German LibreOffice community that gets together every year to exchange ideas, discuss new features and make plans for the future. LibreOffice, as part of the Document Foundation, is an independent, self-gorverning meritocratic entity, formed and kept alive by a large group of Free Software advocates who are happy to donate their time and skills to create the world’s leading free office suite.

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Endocode's 2016

We’re almost done with 2016 and while on a global scale, this year has been a bit rocky, we have various reasons to look back and be proud of what we have achieved. We have been contributing to Open Source projects: to ConnMan, to systemd, to fleet, to Kubernetes, to the NGINX Ingress Controller, to ofono, to python-oca, to skydns, to the Mattermost LDAP Plugin and a few more. Oh and we also created a tool to create, update and rollout Kubernetes resource yamls from a template.

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New sandbox features in systemd

Restricting the privileges of Linux services and reducing the actor vector has always been challenging. You need to adapt your software or start looking for a sandbox program or a manager that handles this for you. And at this moment you should look at systemd. systemd is a suite of basic building blocks for a Linux system. It provides a system and service manager that runs as PID 1 and starts the rest of the system.

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