OpenOil: Doing the world some good with apps and spreadsheets

In a previous post, I explained the choices that one faces when deciding between the use of spreadsheets, databases or software applications to run some aspect of your business. In this post, I’ll discuss a concrete example of adapting a spreadsheet into an application. I’ll talk about the client’s business goals, the advantages derived from the application, and how spreadsheets and applications can actually compliment each other. The client The spark for this project was a visit from Johnny West of OpenOil.

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When spreadsheets just won’t cut it

When you want to crunch some numbers on your computer, the most tempting option is often to build a spreadsheet. And why not? It’s quick and easy and needs no specialist knowledge. Even coders, who could write a program that suits their needs perfectly, will be tempted by this option and will be perfectly happy having to adapt their needs a little to the spreadsheet model. And it doesn’t stop at number crunching.

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