QMake, Unit Tests and dynamic libraries under test

A repeated problem we run into when using QMake is that it focuses on being a build tool, and because of that does not implement some features for executing parts of the project (like tests). Others ran into this issue as well, as for example this discussion of specifying run configurations from QMake on Qt DevNet indicates. Multi-part projects often consist of dynamic libraries that contain the features, and applications and tests that link this library. Amongst other things, this approach allows tests to link objects which contain the application’s code. Now when the tests are executed, the dynamic linker needs to be able to pick up the freshly built library and link the test with it at execution time. Projects usually run test cases with make test, and ideally the tests should execute out of the box after the sources have been configured and built (out of the box meaning that no tweaking of the environment variables should be needed between make and make test). After all, it should be as easy as possible for developers to execute tests.

This is also a problem in IDEs like Qt Creator, but also others – for every build configuration (having separate shadow build directories), the developer needs to configure the library path before being able to debug the application. This second problem needs to be fixed in the IDEs. For the first one – configuring test runs from the QMake .pro file – we have developed a solution called QMakeTestRunner that takes care of the problem.

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Qt, QMake and Mac Os X SDKs after the Xcode 4.3 update

Mac Os X finally gained the capability to automatically manage and update Xcode installations with the Xcode 4.3 update. A couple of changes are introduced by the new version that caused problems reported all over the place. Read more for the various things that need to be taken care of for a smooth Qt-on-Mac development experience ­čÖé

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