Endocode @foss-north in Gothenburg

Endocode’s team is busy giving talks. On new technologies, on new developments and most importantly, on Open Source and it’s opportunities and challenges. A controverse topic that finds itself in the epicentre of many Open Source discussions is the topic of patents. And this is where Endocode’s Mirko Böhm enters the stage. Mirko is not only the CEO of Endocode, but also a director at the Open Invention Network, a shared defensive patent pool with the mission to protect Linux.

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Patents for Startups – Join us at the Hacker/Founders Berlin Meet Up

Credit: open democracy, CC BY-SA 2.0 Patent law and Startups? Patent Law and Free Software? Are we dancing with the devil here? As you know, we at Endocode see free software as an essential to our company and to society. So how does the reality of patent law tie into our mission? Perfect question for Mirko Böhm, Endocode’s CEO. Apart from stirring things up at Endocode, Mirko is a researcher and lecturer at the Technical University of Berlin on the subject of free software and intellectual property.

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Endocode on Tour!

The next few weeks see a string of excellent, high-profile conferences concerning digital topics coming our way. Endocode is venturing out to a whole load of them. We’ll be giving talks, manning booths and meeting up with friends both new and old. If you want to catch an Endocoder, this post describes where and when you can find us. 30 April – 2 May      GNOME Developer Hackfest All days Hackers enter our office to agree on an actionable plan for each area of their developer experience.

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