Conflict: A cool tool for our organization’s future

Whenever people work together there is conflict, for conflict is an integral part of co-operation. Since we at Endocode work in a collaborative environment, every Endocoder has a voice. This brings differences out into the open more often than in a hierarchical structure – and may cause conflicts. But conflict tells us that something has gone awry and may need to change. Conflict is a natural force for optimizing our system and adapting to a changed environment.

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Managing Diversity: A hard day’s knight?

Groups that display a range of perspectives outperform groups of like-minded experts. This is not only the case with a group of experts, it’s also a powerful tool for working with clients. But this power of diversity is hard to create – and to keep. You have to fight for it every day like a knight. Open source software is very often developed in a public, collaborative manner. So, in these cases, collaboration and working in diverse teams is an important issue.

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May the force be with you: The power of asking

Questions are a powerful tool. They are the key to understanding others. Understanding is important for working with clients and teams. Unfortunately most of us often stop asking questions too early which can end up creating more work later on. But it’s a simple thing to improve matters. A question is used to make a request for information. That’s quite normal and we do it several times a day. But what if we think we have all the information we need?

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