Multipath[TCP] support for ConnMan

We’ve been working on adding multipath routing to ConnMan. It’s supported both at ConnMan’s service and session level. On top of that we also added Flow Selectors for identifying sessions based on traffic type. The basic idea was to make Multipath TCP work with ConnMan nicely. This work is beyond basic multipath routing support. We are in the process of upstreaming the work to ConnMan. In this post we’ll present ConnMan and Multipath TCP.

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Free Software, Free Society?

Endocode and newthinking are partner companies who campaign for gender balance. The following interview is also available in German on the newthinking blog; it was conducted in June 2014 with Silke Meyer. Silke is a doctor of political science with a penchant for IT. She works as a system administrator at Wikimedia Germany and in her spare time does volunteer work for the Berlin-based Freifunk initiative and the open-source distributed social network Friendica.

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