Webinar: Dive into Kubernetes – Ask the Endocode and Google Experts

Join us for an online webinar on how to get started with Kubernetes! Get a short introduction to the open-source system for automating deployment, operations, and scaling of containerized applications and then dive right into it! Thomas Fricke (Endocode) and the Product Manager of Kubernetes, David Aaronchick (Google), will answer the top 10 common Kubernetes questions as well as questions you sent us. Get to know Kubernetes and see how our experts implement it on the ground!

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Using Google’s Kubernetes to build a distributed task management cluster

Introduction Computer clusters have been with us quite a few years now in one form or another, but several trends have come together to make them incredibly important today. Low-cost commodity hardware, ubiquitous fast networking, and solid distributed systems have all helped usher in today’s era of server farms and “Big Data”, things which make clusters a critical tool. In a cluster, multiple computers (or nodes) are connected together through a network.

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Android Permissions, Features and Google Play Store

During our work porting Android to new devices we found some troubles when trying to install some apps from Play Store caused by the device not having certain features. This is a good opportunity to talk about Android permissions, capabilities and how the Play Store filters applications depending on the device. Our problem We received some reports from users of our client’s device saying they couldn’t install the Germanwings app because they were not able to find it in the Play Store.

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