GNOME Hackfest at Endocode

Last week Endocode was happy to welcome our friends from the GNOME community to Berlin, and our humble office, for the GNOME Developer Experience Hackfest. About 25 GNOME contributors came with the goal of improving the developer tools and documentation for GNOME and related technologies like GTK+ and GLib. Creators of one of the leading desktop technologies for Linux, the GNOME project consists of contributors from around the globe. Periodically, these contributors get together in one location for an intensive few days of work known commonly as hackfests.

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Endocode on Tour!

The next few weeks see a string of excellent, high-profile conferences concerning digital topics coming our way. Endocode is venturing out to a whole load of them. We’ll be giving talks, manning booths and meeting up with friends both new and old. If you want to catch an Endocoder, this post describes where and when you can find us. 30 April – 2 May      GNOME Developer Hackfest All days Hackers enter our office to agree on an actionable plan for each area of their developer experience.

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