Running a cloud with Kubernetes

Alan Kay: Simple things should be simple, complex things should be possible Since Google opened the Kubernetes (k8s) project, it has never been so easy to run your own application in a cloud, public or private. And because it is easy and because it is very useful, we will show you how to do it.   You have the choice of running it on nearly every public cloud, or with minimal changes, in your own private data center.

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Ride the wave of change with a training session from Endocode

Credit: Jamie Scott, CC BY-SA 4.0, cropped We live in interesting times. Clusters and clouds are becoming ever more popular, software finds itself increasingly packaged up in containers, infrastructure is being retooled along all these lines, and DevOps is stepping up as the way to handle these new realities. Now, just as much as ever, it is essential to keep your IT skills up-to-date so you can ride the wave of change.

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Endocode on Tour!

The next few weeks see a string of excellent, high-profile conferences concerning digital topics coming our way. Endocode is venturing out to a whole load of them. We’ll be giving talks, manning booths and meeting up with friends both new and old. If you want to catch an Endocoder, this post describes where and when you can find us. 30 April – 2 May      GNOME Developer Hackfest All days Hackers enter our office to agree on an actionable plan for each area of their developer experience.

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