Single sign-on with ownCloud

OwnCloud is at the forefront of open source file sharing and cloud storage. It is sometimes introduced as the open source alternative to Dropbox, but that comparison misses a ton of cool features that ownCloud has and Dropbox lacks. As well as file synchronisation, ownCloud offers things like groupware functionality (e.g. calendar, task scheduler, address book), music streaming, and its developers are right now working on office suite integration.

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Quick Check: Application Development with Qt Creator

This book by Ray Rischpater about development with Qt Creator recently became available. It is published by Packt Publishing and is available at this page. It greets the reader with strawberries on the cover, which might be a reference to metaphorical fruits that will be borne after you read this book and dive deeper into development with Qt. Or maybe this picture was chosen because it’s cute. The cursory look at the contents suggested to me that the book is targeted for beginners with no experience in Qt, Qt Creator or IDEs in general.

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