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Quartermaster - An Open Source Compliance Tool

quartermaster is a compliance tool that implements a full Open Source license compliance audit as part of a modern DevOps cycle. It integrates into modern continuous integration systems by extending the build pha-se of the DevOps cycle and complements the generated artifacts with constantly up-to-date license compliance assessment and documentation. quartermaster integrates into existing software build systems through build system plugins or by hooking into existing build steps, creating compliance documentation while the software is built.

quartermaster is an Open Source project and created under a collaborative development model.

As creators of quartermaster, Endocode offers services to get started with the technology, integrate it into existing infrastructure and maintain it for the future.


To get started with Quartermaster Endocode offers trainings that will introduce the technology and concepts behind the Open Source compliance tool. The three day trainings include:

  • Introduction to basic concepts
  • Set up and integration
  • Analysis of the audit report
  • Compliance and License Compatibility
  • SPDX and Toolchain automation


Apart from supporting companies sto get started with Quartermaster, Endocode offers consulting on custom integration and custom development. This can include support for further build systems, in-house-analysis or reporting tools and specific use cases that are not part of Quartermaster’s general Development roadmap. Integration into the Open Source project for custom development and integration are optional.

Consulting can also include due dilligence audits to analyze software stacks in cases of acquisitions and mergers, partnering or vendoring.

POC Support Model

  • Incidents: 20 incidents per month
  • Reaction time: 2 work hours
  • Targeted resolution time: 1 workday
  • Price: 2.000€ for 5x8 per calendar month
  • Additional incidents available at 4 increment buckets: 750€
  • Extension to 5*10 support window (8-18h): 500€/month

Incident processing includes communication, ticket management, analysis and, to the extent possible within the allocated time, problem solving support.


Endocode offers discount packages for partners who want to support Quartermaster in it’s early development phases. These packages combine offer an introduction to the technology and include trainings and support. Contact us for more.

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