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Are you planning to start working with the Google Cloud Platform and think about:

Our custom solution for you

Ready to go in 90 days

Together with you, Endocode builds your compliant landing zone, based on best practices. No worries anymore about the operational parts like networking, you can focus on the deployment of your apps. Within 90 days you have a solid, compliant, and secure starting point which is the baseline for your cloud journey.

You have to take care of the same things just at a different level of abstraction. To simplify your take-off, the concept of a minimal viable landing zone came to play.

Then let us help you to bring some traction on the road

To get started, you need the foundation of GCP to build upon. This foundation is called the landing zone. The landing zone is the starting point for every GCP-user.

In this environment we demonstrate a standard onfiguration of a Landing Zone as we provide it for our customers. It is created entirely from code and can therefore be replicated very easily and deleted in case of problems.

In the cloud world, your cloud environment looks pretty similar to the empty data center. If you buy a new one it’s packed full of expensive (and noisy) things that do not do a lot except converting energy into heat. So you have to set up your access control, networks, configure storage systems, install an operating system, bring up VMs, and more. This is not only time-consuming, but it also requires quite some knowledge (who remembers the difference between raid 10 and 01?).

Why should you work with us?

Elements covered in the GCP

Single Sign On

User Portal Service


Account Baselining

Admin Console

Cloud IAM

Landing Zone for GCP


Shared Services


Operations Management


Compliance and Governance


Due to the nature of such cloud foundation projects with an agreed amount of funded person-days available and limited initial knowledge about company specific guidelines, tools and processes, our recommendation is to start with the development of a functional Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The next iteration then expands it to fit more individual requirements and policies.

“I could not believe that all this stuff was created in 90 days but it’s possible”