Open Source Compliance Software Engineer

November 1, 2018

For our growing Open Source Compliance group, Endocode is looking to add free and open source compliance software engineers with different levels of experience to our existing team that works on Quartermaster and other compliance related tools. We are especially interested in software engineers who are good coders but also enthusiastic about contributing to the wider open source community by making license compliance more straight-forward and easier to maintain. We contribute to leading license compliance related software projects using a diverse mix of programming languages and environments.

You’ll be joining a team of experienced, motivated engineers and have the chance to work with a wide range of cutting edge technologies on a daily basis.

FOSS Licenses


  • Develop free and open source license compliance software and related code directly on leading open source projects, as part of customer deployments or in international consortia supported by the EU.
  • Support open source communities and businesses in adopting modern license compliance tooling, implementing software delivery processes along the supply chain and fulfill all obligations from using and distributing free and open source software.
  • Create materials, documentation and showcases and help users to adopt free and open source license compliance tooling through workshops, trainings and other learning activities.


  • You are an efficient software developer who produces maintainable, high quality code.
  • You are proficient with different programming languages and able to work in the environment of the upstream projects.
  • We predominantly use Go, Python and Java for development. You know at least one of them well. You know that being a great developer is all about continuously learning and improving and are willing to keep doing that.
  • You are able to maintain a balance between getting things done in time and on budget and writing beautiful, efficient and well-tested code.
  • Our work aims at helping others to adopt modern license compliance tooling. You enjoy working with our own team, customers and open source communities to enable them to be license compliant.
  • You understand that free and open source software is not just about writing code, and that license compliance is an important hygiene factor that needs to be maintained.

Required skills and experience

We are looking for new team members at different levels of experience. If you feel comfortable with most (not necessarily all) of the following requirements, we would love to hear from you:

  • Software development in a free and open source software inspired workflow. You use Git, CI systems and the major free and proprietary operating systems and platforms. You write tests for your code.
  • Free and open source licenses, the freedoms and obligations they convey and and how community and business vendors maintain license compliance, from a technical and community perspective (we work with lawyers that cover the legal aspects).
  • Process knowledge of how software is delivered in real-life supply chains and configurations, including packaging, documentation and delivery.
  • You know about DevOps and the operational aspects of application development, and are able to integrate your work into them.
  • You should be able to join our team full time at our office in Berlin
  • You should be able to communicate in German. The day-to-day working language is English. You are willing and able to travel on business occasionally.

If you have years of experience, that’s fantastic. If not, please do not hesitate to talk to us anyway. We offer positions at different levels, we will tutor you and we have a great team of experts that can support you in gaining the required experience.

Who we are:

Endocode AG is an employee-owned, shareholder company based in Berlin, Germany providing professional IT services with a focus on open source technologies. The Endocode team is currently numbered at 18 representing 6 different countries. Endocode is a strong supporter of a healthy work-life balance, believing your work will be better if your life is better.

Endocode does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, ethnicity, religion, national origin, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, marital status. In short, we’re an equal opportunity employer. We encourage you to submit your application in an anonymized way that does not reveal gender, age and other factors irrelevant for the job.

Contact us at and tell us about yourself.