DevOps Methods and Tools

The Challenge

DevOps tools focus on reducing or eliminating delays during software development caused by the separation of development and operation. Developers that work in a siloed environment experience challenges like time wastage and frustration. The lack of coordination between developers and the ops team responsible for preparing a product for release may result in non-working products requiring them to go back to the drawing board. DevOps methods and tools allow you to align production and development to streamline the entire process.

For whom is this service?

DevOps tools and methods aim to make IT operations and developers work together by removing the barrier between teams responsible for marketing/release and developers. But do all businesses require DevOps tools? The consensus is that companies that use software, especially application development, to innovate new products require DevOps methods and tools. Ultimately, DevOps practices and tools offer the potential to accelerate time to market, leading to innovation velocity.

Service description

Previously, engineers and developers were only able to evaluate their work. With this service, they can evaluate the entire process instantly and assess the impact of new changes, such as adding new features. In contrast to traditional development approaches where product evaluation may take weeks, DevOps tools and processes provide the evaluation results instantly. In addition, DevOps allows all teams to evaluate new changes in hours, meaning that you can react faster to those changes.

Business benefits

Faster Releases

DevOps tools and practices allow you to release high-quality software quickly. Quick time-to-market is critical to beating the competition and providing users with new features as soon as they are available.

Reduced Downtime

DevOps integrates operation and development, which increases agility and speed significantly, while reducing failure rate and downtime. Improving responsiveness and increasing reliability is a win-win for your company and product end-users.

Increased innovation capabilities

Encouraging the use of DevOps tools and techniques results in a faster software release, which creates a domino effect of potential business benefits. Particularly, using DevOps enables innovation and rapid testing of new ideas. As a result, your business can deliver high-quality new features resulting in new revenue streams. Also, DevOps can enable your business to achieve the agility required to respond to new market trends, opportunities, and events instantly.