Modern Application Delivery on GCP

More releases & more features to achieve outstanding results

Organizations would like to pick up speed. increase quality and security when it comes to application development and deployment. Developers continuously want to update their applications that matter most but are commonly slowed down by high standards for software delivery to avoid technical debt.

Accelerate with this package and set the foundation of what many companies are striving for: becoming an elite performer in modern application delivery. 

With this package, we help the customer pave the road to attain faster releases, higher quality and higher security. By building a CI/CD environment that delivers software fully automated and tested right into the customers' production environments.

We enable one team responsible for some applications to deliver fully automated and with highest security & compliance standards from source code to production.

Modern application
delivery hides massive potential

The state of devops survey shows the difference between low performers to elite performers and shows what benefit modern application delivery could potentially bring.

Faster releases

Up to 973x more frequent
code deployments

Higher quality

3x lower change
failure rate

Higher security

6570x faster lead time to
recover from incidents

Use cases

Build & Test software to run on GKE

When serving a global audience is your next target.

When your international team is working remotely but pulling in the same direction.

When the market you are serving is highly regulated and loves a compliance audit or two.

When you build your backend for scaling, but a high level of complexity showed up as the uninvited guest.

When your business requires a highly secure development process or infrastructure.


This package is designed to be modular. The static part is the source (git) and the destination (GKE). If the customer has a CI/CD setup already, endocode can review and add missing bits and pieces.