Compliance is pivotal for any business and a topic that never loses it’s significance.

Though Open Source technology is free to “use, study, modify and improve”, businesses are bound to comply with license requirements and obligations that extend to copyright, trademarks and patents.

In the IT industry, where new technology has led to groundbreaking innovation and business ideas, boundaries between proprietary and Open Source technologies are often invisible at first glance. To ensure that companies maintain compliance and secure the right to use their products, a well imposed compliance strategy is key. Open Source communities have formed their own institutions with the resources for enforcing and ensuring compliance. By working together with these organisations, Endocode provides services and tooling to ensure business compliance.

Organisations we work with

Endocode’s compliance team works with major Open Source organisations that develop best practises of Open Source IP management. Those are:

  • FSFE Free Software Foundation Europe
  • OIN Open Invention Network
  • Linux Foundation

Services we provide

  • Briefings for IP teams, legal teams and lawyers on best practices in Open Source compliance
  • Guidance for product owners
  • Advice on developing contribution policies
  • Support in integrating proprietary and Open Source systems into final end-user products

Tooling we developed - Quartermaster

  • a compliance toolchain that implements a full Open Source license compliance audit as part of a modern DevOps cycle
  • an Open Source project and created under a collaborative development model
  • and it’s service packages that include trainings, consulting and support