as Code

The Challenge

Adhering to compliance regulations is a huge challenge for many organizations. Many standards and data protection regulations come with specific, mandatory requirements, and failing to comply can cause your business to lose business opportunities or pay strict fines. On the other hand, manual and traditional methods for maintaining compliance are costly, slow down development, and do not guarantee a return on investment. Unfortunately, ensuring compliance with different standards across multiple verticals is essential.

For whom is this service?

Some businesses often have procedures for observing internal compliance obligations, which consist of measures set to maintain a certain level of development standards. However, nearly all businesses require to comply with external standards and regulations, including but not limited to ASPICE, MDR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR. In this regard, we have developed this service for every business. In particular, the service is fully automated to provide you with a reliable code base that describes all compliance requirements for your platform. In addition, the service allows you to decentralize all compliance problems to every person on the team to ensure your code is up to date with all compliance requirements.

Service description

We have leveraged enterprise-grade open-source software to develop the service. As a result, our experts can combine the technologies to permit you to exploit all benefits of open-source technologies. This has allowed us to develop a service that enables you to ensure compliance in each development phase. Specifically, the Compliance as Code service automates the complete delivery process to ascertain full compliance in all development stages.

In addition, the automated environment enables the service to run automated tests in infrastructure and applications. The automated tests are central to identifying missing compliance requirements to ensure your code is up to date with all necessary standards and regulations. The service also integrates with multiple compliance tools to enable you to derive maximum insights. It allows you to keep track of your compliance status, identify missing requirements, and identify new compliance requirements as they emerge.

Business benefits

Fulfilled MDR compliance regulations

Complying with the MDR regulation is mandatory for all medical device vendors that want to do business in the European Economic Area. Our compliance as code service solves MDR compliance challenges by 75%

Increased security and privacy

Full compliance keeps you on the right side of the law and results in increased security and privacy. Developing highly secure and fully compliant products attracts more customers looking for applications and devices that guarantee high security and privacy.

Increased reliability

The automated service ensures that your products are fully compliant and it is, therefore, highly reliable.

Decreased downtimes for updates

Most traditional approaches to managing compliance cause prolonged downtimes when installing new updates. On the contrary, our service is fully automated. Real-time identification and installation of updates reduce downtime by at least 90%, thus allowing your company to focus on the primary business objectives.