Cloud Infrastructure

The Challenge

Your team is busy developing your application and you know, there is this one issue that needed to be addressed immediately. Actually, it needed to be addressed yesterday. Your cluster or entire toolchain needs to get updated, but you are just missing the resources to do it.

For whom is this service?

Companies that rely on their cloud infrastructure heavily but don’t have the resources to ensure that the latest updates, security policies or changes are implemented.

Service description

We strengthen your team with endocoders that can work within your development and platform teams. We integrate with your existing toolchain and handle the firefighting.

Business benefits

New funcionalities

Introduce new functionalities and benefit from the latest innovative features a cloud native toolchain has to offer. 

Increased performance and scalability

Secure a higher performance and scalability with the latest versionings and patches. Avoid security related vulnerabilities by merging bug fixes more regulary.

Focus on your application

Provide your teams with the luxury to focus on their applications instead and speed up your feature releases and team happiness.