We are inspired by open source methodologies. We practice these within Endocode and help clients do the same.

How to campaign for the cause of software freedom

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Free Software communities produce tons of great software. This software drives innovation and enables everybody to access and use computers, whether or not they can afford new hardware or commercial software. So that’s that, the benefit to society is obvious. Everybody should just get behind it and support it. Right? Well, it is not that easy. Especially when it comes to principles of individual freedom or trade-offs between self-determination and convenience, it is difficult to communicate the message in a way that it reaches and activates a wider audience. How can we explain the difference between Free Software and services available at no cost (except them spying at you) best? Campaigning for software freedom is not easy. However, it is part of the Free Software Foundation Europe’s mission. The FSFE teamed up with [Peng! Collective][2] to learn how to run influential campaigns to promote the cause of Free Software. The Peng Collective is a Berlin based group of activists who are known for their successful and quite subversive campaigns for political causes. And Endocode? Endocode is a sponsor of the Free Software Foundation Europe. We are a sponsor because free software is essential to us, both as a company and as members of society. And so here we are. 

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Endocode and CHEF team up

Endocode is excited to announce their partnership with, a company that loves DevOps just as much as we do. Born with the DevOps movement, Chef has distilled the experiences of successful web innovators into patterns that characterize the DevOps workflow. These patterns have been incorporated into the Chef automation platform, making Chef our partner on the journey to DevOps. As DevOps consultants we have been working with Chef’s technologies in various projects, with different clients over a period of time.

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Bringing women into tech without sexist advertisements

For anyone who has read a few of our blogs it is nothing new that we at Endocode care about gender equality and we don’t take it lightly that the gender balance in the IT industry is completely off the rails. We have run a series of blogs about women in tech, we have looked at the discouraging numbers, we have talked about sexist behaviour and stereotypical expectations, and the harmful effects these have on gender diversity.

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Multipath[TCP] support for ConnMan

We’ve been working on adding multipath routing to ConnMan. It’s supported both at ConnMan’s service and session level. On top of that we also added Flow Selectors for identifying sessions based on traffic type. The basic idea was to make Multipath TCP work with ConnMan nicely. This work is beyond basic multipath routing support. We are in the process of upstreaming the work to ConnMan. In this post we’ll present ConnMan and Multipath TCP.

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Running a cloud with Kubernetes

Alan Kay: Simple things should be simple, complex things should be possible Since Google opened the Kubernetes (k8s) project, it has never been so easy to run your own application in a cloud, public or private. And because it is easy and because it is very useful, we will show you how to do it.   You have the choice of running it on nearly every public cloud, or with minimal changes, in your own private data center.

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