We are inspired by open source methodologies. We practice these within Endocode and help clients do the same.

Habitat Enterprise Packaging: CrateDB

Habitat is a new open source community build by the team at Chef. Habitat aims to bring together the different participants in a devops process by acting as a one-stop solution for building, deploying and configuring your applications. Recently, Endocode has been working within the Habitat Community to develop support for crucial technologies that others may wish to use as dependencies in their own plans. In this blog post we describe how we went about building one of these enterprise plans: CrateDB.

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Endocode becomes Red Hat Advanced Business Partner

Endocode is a company inspired and driven by open source methodologies. It is safe to say that we have touched bases with this company called Red Hat in the past. Founded more than 20 years ago, Red Hat has been busy proving that the open source way of developing and contributing software - collaboratively, transparent and meritocratic - is the future of IT. Today, Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of open source enterprise IT products, with it’s main areas of technologies being middleware, operating system, virtualization, storage, mobile and cloud computing.

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KubeCon week: Catch us if you can

There is another one of those weeks coming up: A week where we are everywhere and spread out at the same time. There will be SAP’s Microservice and Container Summit, the Red Hat OpenShift Commons Gathering co-located with KubeCon, the Chef Meetup and the Endoctus Code Athletics Meetup. It will be a busy week and if you want to meet us and talk about your open source challenges, here is where you find us:

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Debian Bug Squashing

And suddenly February is over and March is here. If you took some of our advice to stay warm in February, we might have seen you at the Debian Bug Squashing Party last weekend. And if you missed it, we thought we would share our efforts with you. A Debian Bug Squashing Party is a real-life or virtual event where Debian developers and Debian enthusiasts come together to fix as many bugs as possible in the new Debian stretch.

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Welcome to 2017: Stay warm and busy in February!

Welcome to 2017! As winter is holding Berlin in it’s icy grip, we have come up with a few things you could do in February to keep yourself warm and busy at the same time. Though we might have been a bit quiet in January, we have used this month to prepare a few events for February that you should definitely consider joining – and not just for the benefit of our working heaters.

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