We are inspired by open source methodologies. We practice these within Endocode and help clients do the same.

First Quartermaster prototype draft available

Auditing and documenting Open Source license compliance is a strict requirement for any software vendor or device manufacturer. Open Source licenses commonly require products to be accompanied with offers to provide the full corresponding source code, authors to be attributed, and other documentation. In addition to that, Open Source license compliance needs to be audited continuously, for each build, along the complete supply chain of the product. These challenges are various and well known in the IT industry.

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Automation in Automotive

Endocode usually supports companies that already work in a DevOps mode or are at least planning to do so. The automotive industry is different. Companies active in this sector have a long history in designing & building hardware as well as software - which is what they are really good in. Buzzwordy topics like DevOps, CI/CD and others are not something they really care about. But things tend to change.

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Openshift integrates Project Calico

Today was announced that with version OpenShift 3.6, Project Calico is fully supported as a network solution. Endocode and idealo Internet GmbH contributed to this integration. We started a project in mid of April in which we would use RedHat OpenShift Origin with Project Calico on BareMetal as the solution to move internal applications to a container based infrastructure. At this point in time the integration of Project Calico into the RedHat OpenShift-Ansible installer was in its early stages.

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Endocode joins OpenChain

As of today, Endocode joins the community of OpenChain conformant organisations. Being Open Source license compliant is a hygiene factor that everybody who uses Open Source technologies needs to constantly maintain. It is one aspect of being a good citizen of the Open Source world. However, maintaining compliance throughout the supply chain of a complex product that may include incoming external contributions is not trivial. The OpenChain project aims at making Open Source license compliance simpler and more consistent.

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Thanks LibreOffice, we were happy to have you.

The weekend of the 23rd - 25th of June was a weekend some of us spent at the office. Not because we are trying to avoid doing the dishes at home, but because we had guests. Endocode hosted the German LibreOffice community that gets together every year to exchange ideas, discuss new features and make plans for the future. LibreOffice, as part of the Document Foundation, is an independent, self-gorverning meritocratic entity, formed and kept alive by a large group of Free Software advocates who are happy to donate their time and skills to create the world’s leading free office suite.

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