We are changing

Endocode hands over the company leadership to the next generation. And somehow most things stay the same.

by Lisa, Sebastian, Mirko & Thomas | December 13, 2018

With the end of the year, Endocode is announcing some changes to reshape the company’s leadership. Lisa will take over the role of CEO and Sebastian will take over as CTO. While this might come as a surprise to some, for most of us, this is a natural evolution of our company. What we mean with being a meritocratic and inclusive company is that those who are eager to participate, thrive and lead will get the chance to do so. And that is what Sebastian and Lisa have been doing in the last years. Lisa joined Endocode 2,5 years ago as a PR consultant. And somehow it turned out there was more to do than a few weeks of PR work. And that there was a team who appreciated someone who could give an external view on communication and processes. In the time Lisa has been with Endocode, she has managed Endocode’s PR and partnerships, took on project management and more and more executive responsibilities.
Sebastian has been with Endocode from the early beginnings. He shaped the company’s portfolio by making DevOps process consultancy his focus area. The projects he delivered for the automotive industry have been a great success and helped us establish a well lived relationship with various industry players. The leadership responsibilities Lisa and Sebastian have taken on have not just stimulated Endococe’s growth but have created the space for the executives to focus on projects they are passionate about. Mirko has managed to move the Quartermaster Project from being a great idea to a tool leading industry actors will integrate into their Software Development process. Thomas has toured the country to give talks, trainings and workshops on integrating Containers and Kubernetes to modernize IT infrastructures. And while we did all this, our company has continued to grow.

So at this point, we are institutionalizing structures that have been forming over the year. We are handing over the company leadership to the next generation. Mirko will continue to drive the Quartermaster Project forward and work on establishing a better industry standard for Open Source Licence Compliance. Thomas will continue to focus on cloud topics, and will guide customers on their journey into microservices with talks, workshops and trainings. And somehow most things stay the same.