Happy I Love Free Software Day 2018

Celebrate the Free Software Community on this day of love

by Lisa Noeth | February 14, 2018

Today is the 14th of February. An important day for people worldwide. Why? Well obviously because it is “I love Free Software”-Day! The “I love Free Software Day” is where we give a shout out and thank you to all contributors in the community.

What unites us as a community is that we share ideals like collaboration, constant improvements and equal opportunity to access, learn and contribute to Free Software. And all this would not be possible without everyone contributing their piece of the puzzle: The developers, the designers, the translators, the lawyers, the testers, the documentation writers and last but not least, the pizza bakers.

We have a special Free Software Project to pick as our Valentine this year and it’s all about the love for the sometimes unloved topic of compliance: The Quartermaster Project . Quartermaster is a complaince tool that implements a full Open Source license compliance audit as part of a modern DevOps cycle. Quartermaster is a community building project as much as it is a technical one and based on the idea to collaboratively build FOSS compliance tooling that is itself free and open source software.

Endocode has invested a lot of thought, development time and testing into this project and we are grateful for all the contributions and input we have received from the community. And if you want to get to know our Valentine and maybe contribute to it, this is a very open invitation to do so.

Happy I love Free Software Day everyone!