Endocode's 2017: Open Source technology, life-long learning, FOSS compliance

What we were up to in 2017

by Lisa Noeth | December 22, 2017

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like Marty McFly somehow stole 2017 because it’s almost over and I’m sure it was only yesterday that we shared what Endocode achieved in 2016. Yet somehow, here we are and a lot has happened in 2017. We continued to shape our concept of life-long learning in tech in the Endoctus Academy, and started a new initiative to improve the overall state of FOSS compliance. As in the previous year, Endocode’s doors were open to the Open Source community in 2017. We grew our team, we had a few good parties, and now we are happy to look back at a really good year.

We are very happy to have been involved in so many great initiatives and events this year: We kicked off by hosting a Debian Bug Squashing party that produced 32 bug fixes for the latest Debian stretch. Then we used a rainy June weekend to welcome the German LibreOffice community. They discussed ways of getting more end users involved to become project contributors, strengthen outreach and visions for the future, develop new killer features and improve existing features. In October we hosted the KDE-Edu Sprint. Finally, in November, we welcomed the FSFE again for their annual community meeting.

Other than being your friendly, Pizza providing host, we also contributed to various Open Source projects like Habitat, Project Calico or OpenShift. We presented our work at a gazillion conferences all over the world, from the Automotive Grade Linux summit in Tokyo to Berlin Buzzwords to Microxchg 2017 to the DevDays in Vilnius to CopyCamp in Warszaw to the South Tyrol Free Software Conference in Bolzano to the Open Source Summit in Paris. We delivered trainings on Docker, Kubernetes, the Go programming language, and many workshops on hot Open Source technologies like React, machine learning with Apache Spark, or fundamental cloud computing concepts. Here is a sample:

And finally, Endocode has kick started a collaborative project called Quartermaster. With this project, our team is collaborating with partners and the FOSS compliance community on building a workflow toolchain for Open Source compliance that is itself free and Open Source Software. Feel free to get involved, follow our development updates, and participate in this project.

A lot of these activities and contributions will keep us busy far into 2018. It has been a pleasure to work with our partners, customers and community friends on making Open Source better for everybody. We’re excited what’s next. Thank you for being with us on this journey, happy holidays, and an exciting and successful year 2018 to you!