Endocode becomes Red Hat Advanced Business Partner

March 28, 2017

Endocode is a company inspired and driven by open source methodologies. It is safe to say that we have touched bases with this company called Red Hat in the past. Founded more than 20 years ago, Red Hat has been busy proving that the open source way of developing and contributing software - collaboratively, transparent and meritocratic - is the future of IT. Today, Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of open source enterprise IT products, with it’s main areas of technologies being middleware, operating system, virtualization, storage, mobile and cloud computing. Endocode specialises in software engineering and DevOps services to help businesses use these products. We believe this partnership is a perfect match.

Red Hat / Endocode

Endocode has a long tradition of system automation and platform building, with a strong focus on microservices and Kubernetes. OpenShift is Kubernetes the Red Hat way, a stable and mature distribution with additional tools for Continuous Life Deployment (CLD). With OpenShift, Red Hat has created a platform that allows developing, hosting and scaling of applications in a cloud environment that can be public, on-premises or online. Based on top of Docker containers and the Kubernetes container cluster manager, OpenShift 3 added developer tools and operational centric tools that enable rapid application development, easy deployment and scaling. Endocode’s expertise in designing and implementing Kubernetes deployments in production have given us the opportunity to work with Red Hat’s technologies on various stages.

For running a container and Kubernetes-based, open source platform-as-a-service, OpenShift is a powerful choice. Together with Red Hat, we are looking forward to bringing OpenShift and Kubernetes to small and large businesses all over Europe, be it through training, software engineering or DevOps support.