Debian Bug Squashing

March 3, 2017

And suddenly February is over and March is here. If you took some of our advice to stay warm in February, we might have seen you at the Debian Bug Squashing Party last weekend. And if you missed it, we thought we would share our efforts with you.

A Debian Bug Squashing Party is a real-life or virtual event where Debian developers and Debian enthusiasts come together to fix as many bugs as possible in the new Debian stretch. This contribution of their time and skills ensures a quality and speedy release and really displays what the open source community is about: team work, transparency and collaboration.

Adrian, who is one of Endocode’s Senior Software Engineers, is also one of those Debian contributors. And thanks to his effort, Endocode was happy to welcome a party of more than 15 Debian contributors in our holy halls at the weekend of the 25th/26th of February. And while we provided them with soul food and drink (yes, the Club Mate consumption was significant), these guys went to work.

And the outcome was:

  • 11 Outstanding bugs
  • 4 Forwarded bugs
  • 1 Pending Upload bugs
  • 16 Resolved bugs

with a severity of

  • 1 Critical bug
  • 9 Grave functionality bugs
  • 19 Serious (policy violations or makes package unfit for release)
  • 1 Important bug
  • 2 Normal bugs

Debian bug report log

And obviously, while people were busy resolving bugs, they found some more. The list is here and we’re not done yet! But for now, we want to say thank you to everyone who contributed. It was a pleasure having you. Let’s do this again soon.