Endocode's 2016

December 14, 2016

We’re almost done with 2016 and while on a global scale, this year has been a bit rocky, we have various reasons to look back and be proud of what we have achieved.

We have been contributing to Open Source projects: to ConnMan, to systemd, to fleet, to Kubernetes, to the NGINX Ingress Controller, to ofono, to python-oca, to skydns, to the Mattermost LDAP Plugin and a few more. Oh and we also created a tool to create, update and rollout Kubernetes resource yamls from a template. And we called it “Ausroller”. Because nothing says resource yamls like a German word with a strongly pronounced r.

We have tingled and toured through the country and talked about containers and more containers and Kubernetes. You have probably seen our CTO Thomas at one conference or another. We have gathered the Kubernetes community at our office more than once, kicking off with a Kubernetes birthday party in July and continuing with hosting the Berlin Kubernetes Meetup regularly. And what a great bunch of speakers and attendees we assembled!

What else? With 9 girls and 9 Arduinos, we organised Endocode’s first GirlsDay. For one day, we had 9 amazing girls, aged 11-16 join us, learn about women in IT and how to program.

We have supported our friends from the Free Software Foundation Europe, FSFE, to campaign for free software and we have given talks for the Open Invention Network, the shared defensive patent pool that protects Linux.

Sounds like a busy year. And it was. And that is why we can enjoy a few celebrations before we kick start 2017.

We’re starting the jolly season with tonight’s Kubernetes Christmas meetup, continuing with Crate.io’s 1.0 release party tomorrow evening and then have a merry get together next week before we all leave to celebrate Christmas.

So long. Let’s see what 2017 will bring.