Get involved at GDG DevFest 2016!

November 11, 2016

It’s the season to be jolly… – wait, what? Oh. It’s GDG DevFest Season 2016. Yes.

GDG DevFests are large, community-run events that offer speaker sessions across multiple product areas, all-day hack-a-thons, code labs, and more. In 2016, the official DevFest Season runs from September 01st through November 30th. These events are organized by the Google Developer Groups worlwide, and the Google Developer Groups of Berlin are organizing their fest on the 11th/12th of November.

And of course Endocode is right in the middle. Thomas, our CTO and conference chief, will be giving a workshop on Friday and a talk on Saturday. It’s Kubernetes related – what can we say.

As the conference is sold out, we are excited to see you at our hands on Kubernetes workshop on Friday. The workshop will cover all basics from creating a pod, replication controllers to services.

And once you’ve learned how to deploy microservices, you shouldn’t miss his talk on our experiences with shaping applications for containers on Saturday.

Find out more about the event and check out the schedule here. Merry GDG DevFest everyone! See you there!