Meet Endocode at ConfigManagement Camp and DevOpsDays Berlin

November 3, 2016

November is a busy month. But if you get the chance, there are three days that you should definitely spend in Berlin and more importantly at two very specific events: ConfigManagement Camp and DevOpsDays!

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ConfigManagement Camp is a conference for everyone interested in Open Source configuration management. 2016 is the first year that ConfigManagement Camp leaves Gent for a one day single track event in Berlin.

And if you’re here for ConfigManagement Camp on the 15th of November, you should definitely stay for DevOps Days on the 16th and 17th of November. As another community-organized conference, DevOps Days bring together development and operations, a great fusion for our Open Source minds.

Endocode is a team of DevOps contributors and users. We are heavily invested in the movement and we enjoy bringing the advantages of DevOps to our clients. And that is why we are very happy to sponsor these two conferences and enable contributors, users, journalists, bloggers to get together.

So if you get the chance, please stop by, share your ideas and get talking. We will see you there!