Join the free software community for the first FSFE Summit!

September 1, 2016

If your plans for the weekend aren’t set yet, how about you join us and the free software community for the first FSFE Summit at the bcc in Berlin? The FSFE Summit is a joint event together with QtCon of the Qt community, KDE Akademy and the VideoLAN community.

The Free Software Foundation Europe is working with policy makers and public bodies in Europe to enhance the rights of Free Software users and developers and to abolish barriers to Free Software. Their vision is to create a world where the European Union would build it’s IT infrastructure on Free Software, where EU member states can exchange information with open standards and share software. A world where local administrations and authorities can profit from decentralised and collaborative software with free licenses and where every European has the chance to use free software.

To find a unified voice and bring the community together, the Free Software Foundation Europe is organising a summit to talk about business, policy making, lobbying and how to get involved. Each conference day is focused on one topic:

Friday, 02.09. Business with or in the context of free software

Saturday, 03.09. Lobbying and policy making in the context of free software/ Growing the community

Sunday, 04.09. How to get involved apart from coding

Endocode’s CEO Mirko Böhm will join the fantastic list of speakers on Saturday and talk about The emergence of governance norms in FLOSS communities. His talk gives a review of the governance norms applied in FSFE and KDE, how they developed over time and how current debates reflect their evolution.

So if you want to join Mirko, the FSFE and the free software community, register for your free ticket here.