What we did on Saturday? Hack on Kubernetes!

August 9, 2016

If you watched our Twitter account this weekend, you noticed that we weren’t just lying in the sun/hiding from the rain. On Saturday, we opened our doors and welcomed our friends from Crate.IO for a Kubernetes hackathon. Crate is an open-source, highly scalable, shared nothing distributed database. And yes. They love containers. And that is how we met.

So Saturday was here and along with it arrived some 20 enthusiasts who were ready for some hacking. After slurping that coffee you just need when dragging yourself to the office on a weekend, we started the hackathon with a short presentation of Crate, followed by an introduction to Kubernetes by Julian, Endocode’s Kubernetes expert.

While Julian was helping to set up first clusters on Google Container Engine, people started working on their projects, which ranged from first Kubernetes setups to full services to do video animation. The Crate team were busy creating a reference Kubernetes template to provide a starting point for managing production infrastructure. We will hear more about their results in the next few days. Check out their blog here.

Overall, this was a great get together, and we would love to see more of them. We want to thank everyone who came out and contributed to this great day of exchanging ideas, redefining technologies and hacking away.