Patents for Startups – Join us at the Hacker/Founders Berlin Meet Up

May 17, 2016


Credit: open democracy, CC BY-SA 2.0

Patent law and Startups? Patent Law and Free Software? Are we dancing with the devil here?

As you know, we at Endocode see free software as an essential to our company and to society. So how does the reality of patent law tie into our mission? Perfect question for Mirko Böhm, Endocode’s CEO. Apart from stirring things up at Endocode, Mirko is a researcher and lecturer at the Technical University of Berlin on the subject of free software and intellectual property. And a director of the Open Invention Network, where he is responsible for the definition of the field of use that is covered by patent non-aggression pledges. Anything else? Oh yeah: He is a big campaigner for software freedom and passionate about spreading the Free Software Foundation Europe‘s mission.

So if you’re interested into the relationships of patents and startups, join him and us at the Hacker/Founders Berlin Meet Up on the 18th of May. Mirko will be one of three speakers that will give you insights into how Startups and the software are affected by patents.

Talks will focus on the strategies of competing by embracing the patent system and collaborating from a defensible position. They will look at some important questions:

  • Does a patent fit your business case?
  • What can a patent do for you?
  • What if someone threatens you with their patent?

Mirko will be joined by Prof. Dr. Felix Gross (partner at the patent law firm of Maikowski & Ninnemann) and Martin Silbernagl, one of the organisers of Hackers/Founders Berlin, who, as the managing director of USIP, helps inventors to stand up to industry giants.

Here are the details:

WHEN: 18th of May 2016, 7 pm

WHERE: SAP Berlin, Rosenthaler Straße 30, 10178 Berlin

Attendance is free, but you will have to register here.


We will see you there!