Google & CoreOS on the State of Containers

March 3, 2016

We care about containers! You too? Well then we should get together!

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Google & CoreOS are hosting half-day events to share with you the State of Containers. That’s exciting already. But right in the middle of that excitement, showing you how to implement the technology in real-life projects, are Google partners Xebia & Endocode.

The events will take place in Amsterdam, Brussels, Stockholm, Hamburg and Berlin between March 14th and March 18th.

While Google brings public cloud experience, CoreOS is designed to give you compute capacity that is dynamically scaled and managed, similar to how infrastructure might be managed at large web companies like Google. CoreOS is designed for security, consistency, and reliability and Tectonic Distributed Trusted Computing allows enterprises to cryptographically verify the integrity of their entire environment, from hardware to the distributed cluster.

How you can start taking advantage of all of this will be shown by Xebia and Endocode, who will walk you through successful projects and implementations.

Yes, that does sound like fun. Oh and there’ll be snacks and drinks as well. Perfect.

So you should register for the event now! Here: