What we did @cfgmgmtcamp 2016

February 18, 2016

In our world of DevOps and Open Source, February is a month to look forward to. Like a fusion of Christmas and Easter, FOSDEM and Config Management Camp bring together developers of free and Open Source software and create a feast of conversation, contribution and fantastic meetings.

Endocode’s Sebastian Sucker, Matthias Schmitz and Julian Strobl took a little trip to Belgium this year and enjoyed the wonders that could be found at Config Management Camp 2016 in Gent.


All the goodies we brought to cfgmgmtcamp” including Matthias’ homemade Raspberry Pi Kubernetes Cluster.


But it wasn’t all fun and games in Gent: Endocode had a booth at Config Mangament Camp, which we shared with our partners and friends from example42. At our booth we proudly presented Matthias’ homemade Raspberry Pi Kubernetes Cluster, which consists of one master and three workers running on HypriotOS. We created a web page on the workers nodes to demonstrate the scheduler. On top of showing off our DIY-skills, we used Ray Tsangs Visualization Software (freshly presented at FOSDEM, with his Raspberry Pi Kubernetes Cluster).

Endocode booth

Matthias at the Endocode / example42 booth


Any more? Oh yes: Julian gave a fascinating talk on orchestration with Kubernetes by Google and Docker containers. His introduction on how to build an environment that is easily maintained, scaled and reliable used the Raspberry Pi Cluster as well as a real life customer scenario. With the increasing impact Kubernetes has on the Open Source config management community, we were not surprised that the talk was packed and the discussions vivid. As Kubernetes often goes hand in hand with CoreOS, the perfect follow-up to Julian’s talk was Brian “RedBeard” Harrington. RedBeard did not only talk about how CoreOS is built and shipped, but he held his talk wearing an Endocode-shirt. And yes, we were more than thrilled about that.


Julian spreading some wisdom on orchestration with Kubernetes by Google and Docker containers.


So what did we learn from our two days in Gent? A lot of very smart people are very interested and yet still a bit sceptical about Kubernetes and how it shall replace existing solutions. We are excited and curious about how the big players in config management will adopt their tools or invent new ones to include Kubernetes in their workflow.

That’s all? We loved meeting you all and will hopefully see you next year!