January 29, 2016

Raspberry Pi cluster

Check out our self-made Kubernetes Cluster made of Rasperry Pis @cfgmgmtcamp! Credit: Matthias Schmitz


It’s time for Open Source Events, it’s time for FOSDEM and it’s time for Config Management Camp.

Endocode will be right in the middle of it: We are proud to be a part of Config Management Camp 2016 in Gent.

Endocode’s Julian Strobl will give an exciting talk about container orchestration with Kubernetes by Google and Docker containers. Big companies like Google containerize their environments for easier maintaining, scaling, and reliability. His talk gives an introduction on how to build such an environment and maintain applications written in distinct programming languages.

And this is where the excitement happens:

WHEN: Tuesday, February 2nd 11:40 am – 12.20 pm
WHERE: SchoonMeersen Campus of the University College Gent Building B1.107

Sounds good? Good!

And if that got you hiked on container talks, then you should stay for the next session, when Brian “RedBeard” Harrington talks about CoreOs.

Is there more? Yes, there is: Endocode will also have a booth providing some special swag for the audience and some great demos where you can try out Kubernetes live and see it in action.

So if you like to say hello and get involved visit us there. See you in Gent!