Endocode on Tour!

April 29, 2014

The next few weeks see a string of excellent, high-profile conferences concerning digital topics coming our way. Endocode is venturing out to a whole load of them. We’ll be giving talks, manning booths and meeting up with friends both new and old. If you want to catch an Endocoder, this post describes where and when you can find us.

30 April – 2 May      GNOME Developer Hackfest
All days Hackers enter our office to agree on an actionable plan for each area of their developer experience.
6 – 8 May re:publica 14
6 May, 11:00: Talk: Crowdsourcing done right: Basic rules for successful interaction with the crowd
6 May, 12:15: Talk: Non-aggression as a binding promise in open source
6 May, 13:00: Talk: Security and Privacy in Private Cloud Environments
6 May, 14:00: Talk: From Shannon to Snowden: the Human Target in Information Theory from the Beginning until Today
8 – 10 May DroidCon
8 May, 16:45: Talk: Memory Tuning Android for Low-RAM Devices
9 May, 16:45: Talk: A tour through the coolest Android tools
8 – 10 May LinuxTag
10 May, 16:00: Talk: MongoDB and Neo4J from an Operations Point of view
10 May, 16:45: Talk: Protecting Open Source through patent pooling and defensive publications
25 – 28 May Berlin Buzzwords
27 May, 12:20: Talk: Security and Privacy in Cloud Environments

GNOME Developer Experience Hackfest

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30 April – 2 May, Berlin wiki.gnome.org/Hackfests/DeveloperExperience2014

Following on from the extremely successful 2013 Developer Experience Hackfest, this event aims to keep up the momentum with the GNOME application developer experience. It’s about revisiting the work from last year’s event, reviewing the progress since then and planning next steps.

Endocode is very proud to act as the hosts for this year’s GNOME Developer Experience Hackfest, an event aimed at improving the experience of application developers. We’ll be giving over large portions of our Berlin office to GNOME developers and laying on everything a hacker needs: wi-fi, whiteboards, and a generous dose of Club-Mate.

re:publica 2014

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6 – 8 May, Berlin http://www.re-publica.de/en/14

Europe’s largest social media conference, with 5,000 participants at last year’s event. The motto of re:publica 2014 is “INTO THE WILD”, a look at the wild and unknown future of the Internet that will highlight various points of departure for solutions of the near future.

Always guaranteed to be a provocative event, Endocode will present not one, two, or three, but four talks at this year’s re:publica at the Newthinking booth. If you’re coming to re:publica, please come and say hello!

  • Crowdsourcing done right: Basic rules for successful interaction with the crowd (6 May, 11:00):
    First up is Andreas Wichmann, who will talk about applying the rules of crowdsourcing more generally. He will explain the rules of effective crowdsourcing and how they relate to the management of independent teams. Knowing 5 simple laws will not only help you to make your next crowdsourcing project a success – it will also help you to understand the future of everyday work, which is increasingly moving away from lifelong fixed employment towards independent and distributed networks.

  • Non-aggression as a binding promise in open source (6 May, 12:15):
    Next up is our CEO, Mirko Boehm. Mirko is heavily involved in the struggle between open source software and software patents, and he will share his insights at this event. His talk will describe how informal agreements among the big players in IT not to sue open source communities may no longer be enough. What are the more binding alternatives? Mirko will reveal all…

  • Security and Privacy in Private Cloud Environments (6 May, 13:00):
    Finally, Thomas Fricke takes the stand. After the infamous revelations in recent months regarding leaky web services that reveal our private data, Thomas will discuss how you can reclaim the privacy of your data by choosing alternative cloud systems.

  • From Shannon to Snowden: the Human Target in Information Theory from the Beginning until Today (6 May, 14:00):
    Hot on the heels of his first talk, Thomas will go on to cover the surprising continuity in information theory from Claude Shannon’s and Norbert Wiener’s theory on fighting airplanes in WWII right up to in-game advertising with big data analysis and detecting patterns in mass surveillance data.


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8 – 10 May, Berlin http://de.droidcon.com/2014 [de.droidcon.com/2014/]

Droidcon is all about Android, meeting the Android community, learning about the latest developments and giving you a stage to talk about your apps and solutions or just discuss a problem you are facing.

Android is a core competency of Endocode, so naturally we’ll be there.

  • Memory Tuning Android for Low-RAM Devices (8 May, 16:45):
    Our own Chris Kühl will share his insights into the challenges around running Android on low-RAM systems. Tuning Android for these systems requires a knowledge of general Linux memory management and more specific knowledge concerning Android. This presentation will explore the tools and knobs available at all levels of the system to optimize and configure Android for devices at, or below, the recommended available RAM

  • A tour through the coolest Android tools (9 May, 16:45):
    Iago’s talk will explore the most interesting and useful Android tools at all levels of the system whether you’re an advanced user, an app developer, or you hack on the Android framework. These are tools which Iago has relied upon heavily during his past year’s work as a full-stack Android developer, but were unfamiliar to him and most other Android developers. His goal in this talk is to save you from learning the hard way.


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8 – 10 May, Berlin http://www.linuxtag.org/2014/

“Where .com meets .org.” LinuxTag gives open source projects a way to present themselves to the public via booths, forums and lectures, and also encourages the forging of links with other groups and companies.

Arguably the largest free/open source exhibition in Europe, Endocode is very happy to be able to participate.

Berlin Buzzwords

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25 – 28 May, Berlin berlinbuzzwords.de

Berlin Buzzwords is Germany’s most exciting conference on storing, processing and searching large amounts of digital data and it’s a platform for developers, analysts and scientists.

Although the call for papers is now closed, Thomas Fricke entered the open stage section of the conference to deliver a more technical version of his talk concerning security and privacy in private cloud environments.

  • Security and Privacy in Cloud Environments (27 May, 12:20):
    In this talk, Thomas will explain what is necessary to install a cloud management system. How much effort is it? How do you set up networks in private clouds? What about mixed public/private clouds? And what about crytpo? These questions and more will be answered.

Image credentials: Andrew Hitchcock, Hiking, License