January 1, 0001


Current projects

Kubernetes Platform (SAP)

For one of our customers, Endocode is maintaining and improving an ecosystem of Kubernetes clusters based on a deployment server capable of spawning bare metal Kubernetes clusters. This deployment server holds the state of the cluster and other services (DNS, DHCP, FTP) that allow bare metal nodes to be added to the cluster automatically. The nodes get configured at start-up using PXE, and get everything they need from the deployment server or the Kubernetes Cluster itself. The only requirement for the nodes and the deployment server is to be configured in the same network (VLan).

Endocode was given the task to take the unmaintained code, understand it, stabilise it and then deploy it and enhance it. The starting point was one cluster, we are currently supporting 7 clusters, and continue enhancing the environments. Growing with the technology and the changes along time, the technology has moved from k8s 1.5.6 to 1.11.2, from CoreOS 1185.3.0 to CoreOS 1800.6.0, and many other software upgrades.

OpenShift upgrade (Idealo)

Rollout openshift (was ist das eigentlich) Update Openshift

Automotive Consulting & Development

For a TIER-1 automotive supplier we are working on optimizing their integration process. Continuous Integration is still a hot topic in the automotive industry and the adoption of new tools increases the complexity of this challenge. We are working on automating as much as possible to free the integrators from repetitive tasks as well as giving the developers more insight and responsibilities. Currently we configure and extend gitlabs functionality to properly support the workflows of our client.


After another quarter of intense software development, we are proud to announce the availability of Quartermaster v0.2.

Quartermaster is a toolchain that automates the analysis and documentation of Open Source license compliance. Software vendors - businesses as well as Open Source communities - deploy Quartermaster in their build pipelines to create compliance documentation while software package share being created. With the new version, Quartermaster learns to ingest SPDX formatted source code manifests, adds a client library for developing analyzer or reporter modules in the Python programming language, adds support for running multiple build processes on the same hardware concurrently, and much more.

Technologies & Solutions

Kubernetes, Openshift

Kubernetes seems to be stable enough now so that more and more large companies are thinking about or already migrating to kubernetes based landscapes. Openshift is a valid way to simplify the ramp up by relying on a well known vendor.

Embedded Linux

Building a custom Embedded Linux can be a difficult task. Automotive, IOT, controllers Various tools and approaches as well as frameworks are confusing for new users. We can help you design your custom embedded Linux, demo tools and workflows. Integration is ciritical

DevOps Solutions

In various projects we faced issues that have not been technical only. Demonstrating learnings from the DevOps movement especially but not exclusive to manufacturing industry clients that have not been in touch with those already is very interesting. Continuous Integration is a great word but actually doing it requires a fully automated build & release pipeline. Creating insight with build monitors, using GIT, Jenkins & the combination of both the right way & building reliable build infrastructure.


We built qmstr with golang for reasons… tell me!