We are inspired by open source methodologies. We practice these within Endocode and help clients do the same.

Endocode's GPL Cooperation Commitment

Endocode believes that Free and Open Source software benefits all of us. Open Source licenses provide the legal backbone for our intentions to share the created code so that everybody can use, study, modify and improve it. Copyleft licenses, in particular the GPL, model this relationship in a reciprocal manner by requiring all modified and extended versions of the code to be free as well. Some of our Quartermaster code is released under the GPL-3. We also believe that our users share this vision and comply with the terms of the license by default, and that deviations from this norm are probably honest mistakes. By entering into the GPL cooperation commitment, Endocode aims at giving a fair chance to correct violations before licenses are terminated.

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We are changing

With the end of the year, Endocode is announcing some changes to reshape the company’s leadership. Lisa will take over the role of CEO and Sebastian will take over as CTO. While this might come as a surprise to some, for most of us, this is a natural evolution of our company. What we mean with being a meritocratic and inclusive company is that those who are eager to participate, thrive and lead will get the chance to do so.

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A Jenkins Master, with a Jenkins Master, with a ...

Some time ago, when kicking off a new project to integrate yet another Jenkins based CI setup for one of our customers, they asked us for a rather unusual feature: a second Jenkins master the system can failover to in case of malfunction, that eventually would reduce risk of downtime. What we came up with, why we got there and how we implemented it is what we’re sharing here with you.

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qmstr v.0.1 is here - hello v.0.2

April 11 marks an important milestone in our favourite compliance project of the year: Quartermaster - the compliance tool that implements a full Open Sourcce license compliance audit as part of a modern DevOps cycle. On April 11, 2018 Endocode will host the Quartermaster v.0.2 requirement workshop. This workshop marks the end of the development of v.0.1 of Quartermaster. A development cycle that added a completely new architecture, a modular implementation, a master graph database, gPRC based APIs for phase-specific modules written in different programming languages, and more demo builds to the initial prototype.

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DevOps is a mindset

“You build it, you run it” is not a philosophy that can easily be taken to non web tech industries. This harsh reality is something we ran into while making our journey through the automotive industry. But if we cannot duplicate this philosophy outside of our web tech bubble, maybe it’s possible to create a mentality that at least supports the feeling of responsibility for every line of code that eventually finds its way into a product.

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